Ahmed Abdelwadod

A Software Developer


About Me


A young ambitious full-stack software developer with 7 years of experience. Worked in several fields including robotics, system designing, web development, app development, IoT and embedded systems. Expert in coding, debugging, testing, API creation and documentation. Handles work pressure and overloads appropriately. Good knowledge of leading programming tools and algorithms. Experienced in technical teams’ leadership.

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My Skills

Web Development

MVC Websites using ASP.NET Core with frontend libraries like: Bootstrap and Angular.

Mobile App Development

Using Ionic 4 Framework to create cross-platform apps.

Desktop Programs

Highly experienced with .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Embedded Systems & Robotics

Qualified to work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR microcontroller, ESP8266, REV Robotics, LEGO Mindstorm RCX, LEGO Mindstorm NXT.

My Works

hirfa Commercial Raied Website A company profile website with a registration system. hirfa Commercial Hirfa Website A company profile website. hirfa Commercial Strela Website A company profile website. hirfa Commercial Peace Bridge Organization System An NGO custom managment system. hirfa Commercial Clinic System Patient managment system for a clinic. hirfa Open Source HotNews A simple news app with searching feature. Built with Ionic 4 Framework hirfa Open Source Neon Neon project is a software that can control a tri-wheel car over bluetooth using voice commands from input in PC. hirfa Open Source Enigneering Week Projects Some projects that suits expositions written in C#. These projects could be used for school, college or any kind of expositions. Have been used in Sudan University for Science and Technology 15th Engineering Week.

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I'm always open for a cup of coffe ;)

Jabra Avenue, Khartoum, Sudan

+249 96 873 4505